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Get Involved and Stay Informed

Get Involved

Biosimilars will have an increasing role to play in the Canadian health system. How can you stay informed and involved?

- Provide your comments and questions to Arthritis Consumer Experts at

- Continue to share perspectives and experiences around this important health topic

- Help educate your community – they will be affected by the arrival of biosimilars

- Understand how biosimilars are assessed and listed on public and private formularies

Ask your healthcare professional or payer information about these important evolving issues:

- Will biosimilars rates of infusion and/or injection site reactions be similar?

- What about biosimilars rates and types of serious infections?

- If a biosimilar is substituted for the prescribed drug, will this have any adverse impact?

- Will there be a systematic approach to biosimilars post-marketing surveillance?

- How frequently, how and where will biosimilars post-marketing data, if collected, be reported and disseminated?

- Are you considering transitioning patients to a biosimilar?

Stay Informed

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